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"T- that can’t be good."

"On the contrary, I do love a bad boy~~”


I’ve been on such a major Arlong shipping kick recently lol

I’ll just leave this here…

There are plenty of things I could say but I don’t know how effective they would have been. After all -

“We do not deal with creatures of logic, but with creatures bristling with prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity.”

I dont have a crush on you… In fact I hate you so much when I see your face I wanna puke.

y’know it’s shit like this that just saps all the fun outta askblogging, lol

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So, Arlong, how's it going with Barto?

I don’t know what you’re talking about

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Credit for Arlong’s clothes design goes to the amazing Sarah Preussler. Go check out her stuff it’s fanTAStic <3 (omg dis design is amazing I love it and I’m sorry I kind of ruined it but THAT IS THE AMAZING POWER MY HANDS HAVE) orz

And thank you Liam for sending me the ask for the excuse to draw it. 8D 

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((Not that it has any bearing on Arlong, but I’ve noticed Sanji has a habit of antagonizing the guys he cares about the most and I think it’s adorable))

Those package delivery birds sure are getting later and later these days.

((oh man I’d wanted to make a big long super-deep multipanel answer out of this one but I ran out of steam OTL )) 

((also ask-jinbe is a new askblog, you should check them out their art is great))





Yeah that’s gonna leave a mark. 


It’s really good to see you after so long! And I mean, thanks for not hitting me too!

I’ll let you explain that one. 



Yeah that’s gonna leave a mark. 

And I don’t think I like that hungry look in those eyes either…. 

Feeling kinda shitty for that last askblog interaction so here have a kawaii happy Bartolomeo to make up for the trainwreck. 

Also might be a few weeks before I get to posting more here. Temp hiatus or something. 

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hottie mcfishsticks

I don’t do reblogs very often but sometimes I MUST.

Reblogging this amazing art that my best friend did HOLY BALLS HE’S BEAUTIFUL.